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Greg was pleasure to deal with. He wasn’t just giving me ear candy to try earn a dollar. He seemed to actually care about getting a fair deal for my wife and I on our new home.
Don G.
My husband and I feel forever grateful for the support and education that both Dee and Greg Bulanti provided us when making a life style changing decision to buy and relocate to our forever home in Nevada City. Their knowledge of the local area, their passion for community and very personable style made them a good team. We appreciated their high communication, their high energy and their personal drive to find the perfect home for us. Their knowledge and explanations of the selling and buying ends of property was a relief, which mitigated a lot of our uncertainty and confusion with the processes and the number of constituents involved. The help we received went beyond our expectations. Assistance with contractors, service providers, dog care, and anticipated needs we didn’t even know we had. We recommend this team for locals and anyone considering the Gold Country as a potential relocation. They will find the right fit and help you negotiate the right price.
Shauna McKenna
Greg and Dee are the best Realtors you will ever work with. In a World where most Realtors make Politicians “Look Honest”, Dee and Greg are a breath of fresh air. They ARE honest and forthright. They will work very hard for you. If you don’t list/buy from them, you’ll both lose.
Greg is very knowledgeable and experienced in the local market. The transaction went very smooth and he was very attentive to the details. I would recommend him for any real estate transaction in the area.
Greg had to represent me in absentia and I feel that he was just as efficient in helping the buyer as he was in helping me (the seller). He was very accommodating in helping me dispose of equipment on the property. I highly recommend him!
It is quickly apparent that Greg knows and loves real estate. He shared his exuberance and knowledge as he guided me through numerous homes — both in person and from 1,500 miles away (a relocation). At the start, I was looking at a rather large area, not a specific target. His patience and sense of humor are commendable — over time, I sent him many emails full of addresses and questions, to which he responded immediately and honestly. Greg is diligent and thorough in his research, presenting fact and well-reasoned thought for consideration. He was invaluable in my search for a great home. When I did find the right home, Greg more than shined. Buying from a distance can be overwhelming, but Greg had everything in order and moved quickly on the purchasing end. He coordinated all matters fully, kept me completely informed, and the process was seamless. Greg has my highest recommendation as a real estate professional.
Highly recommended! We bought a place in delightful Downieville and Greg was the guy. We live in the Bay Area and you absolutely need local knowledge, support and contacts when buying in the Sierra’s. Greg set us up with neighbors, contractors and inspectors which immensely helped in getting our piece of tranquility in the hills. Greg was a pleasure to work with. Efficient, responsive and charming to work with making for a great experience all round. Greg gets our top recommendation and you won’t go wrong.
Dominic John
Greg has extensive knowledge of my area of Sierra County, knows the people, knows the history, and knows the current real estate market. His advice always proved to be spot-on. He coordinated all the inspections to occur on the same day, was there in person to make sure they were done satisfactorily, and kept me informed of the results. He also knows solar power, which helped price and sell my off-the-grid home. I would hire him again, and I would recommend him to others.
David M Ford