Nevada County Home sellers – Top five questions

Spring is here…Nevada County needs home for sale.

Home Sellers typically start their quest with thinking about relocation. Moving up, downsizing, household formation reboot, job transfers and change of scenery are some of the most common reasons. If this is you, you will probably be asking the following questions:

HOW MUCH IS MY HOME WORTH? The price that your home sells for will depend upon its size, location, neighborhood, and other factors. Ultimately, it is what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller for the property. This is the time to bring in your REALTOR. Realtors prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your property using “comps” from the MLS and public information. Realtors will interpret this data using their experience and expertise. You and your REALTOR will set a pricing strategy for selling your property and achieving your goal.

HOW MUCH WORK DO I NEED TO DO TO PUT MY HOUSE ON THE MARKET? No need to panic here. This is where the expertise of your REALTOR comes into play. Home Sellers are often anxious about this but the reality is you may need to do less than you think. It’s also a good idea to get some critical inspections done because bad news doesn’t get better with age when it comes to wood dry rot, septic/ sewer issues and structural conditions.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SELL MY HOME? If priced correctly, the average days on the market in Nevada County is 80 days. Neat and clean interiors and exteriors and aggressive pricing help shorten this marketing time. Your REALTOR will advise you and give you suggestions.

SHOULD I BE PRESENT WHEN THE HOME IS SHOWN?  NO. I can’t think of any reason a seller should be present and it can hurt the showing if buyers feel uncomfortable with the owner at home. There are ways your REALTOR can minimize your inconvenience. The appropriate time for the seller to answer buyer’s questions directly is usually after a contract has been signed.

WHAT IS THE AGENT’S COMMISSION? Sales commission is usually shared by the selling broker and the listing broker. It is negotiable by law. But Realtors do not get paid until the sale closes, unlike doctors who get paid by visit and lawyers who get paid by the hour. It is estimated that for every hour an agent spends with a client, the agent will spend 9 hours working on the client’s behalf. Finding the right agent for you is important, an agent that you feel comfortable with and you can trust is the key. Ask your friends for referrals and think about any Realtors you may have met. Invite up to three Realtors to make a listing presentation to you. It’s no different than choosing a financial adviser, a tax accountant or a lawyer. Once you pick your REALTOR, get ready for another relationship in your life. A professional Realtor will be with you every step along the way and sit down with you at the closing table completing the sale…which is where we started this adventure.

Given the Real Estate market conditions, this will be the best spring home selling season in years. We are finally blessed with a winter that translates into water available for nourishing the environment and landscaping. The place hasn’t looked this good in years. What are you waiting for? Call Us. Call Greg or Dee Bulanti at 530-272-8073. We would love to become your trusted advisers in Real Estate matters.

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