Nevada County Home sellers – Top five questions

Spring is here...Nevada County needs home for sale. Home Sellers typically start their quest with thinking about relocation. Moving up, downsizing, household formation reboot, job transfers and change of scenery are some of the most common reasons. If this is you, you will probably be asking the following questions: HOW MUCH IS MY HOME WORTH? [...]

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Calling all home sellers – It’s time to spring into action

CALLING ALL HOME SELLERS Get ready for Spring Low inventory, appreciating home values, and low interest rates indicate a good home selling season ahead. From January to February 2016 western Nevada County saw an increase in sold homes (35%) and an increase in pending sales (11%). Home prices increased about 12% in 2015 and many [...]

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Nevada County home sales – January 2016 trends

The demand for housing has fueled very good sales for the month of January and has led to the best start in California Real Estate in the past three years. Sale prices are up everywhere and inventory has increased throughout the state except for the central valley and Nevada County. There is well-founded hope the [...]

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