Home Prices – Tale of Two Cities

This is an interesting view of the two extremes in housing pricing West Coast to East Coast. Maryland to California. It is a huge difference...$1,270,000 to $84, you know why? The Silicon Valley area has seen some rather amazing price appreciation in the past 24 months, even compared with its neighboring cities of San Francisco, [...]

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Should I stay or should I go? – The Bay Area Millennial Conundrum

Between January and February 2017 the Bay Area Council sent out its annual poll…a web survey of Registered Voters in the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area and the results shouldn’t surprise anyone. More people want to leave the Bay Area than ever before. Citing skyrocketing housing costs and just about the worst traffic ever, [...]

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Millennials and the Bank of Mom and Dad

Most of us know there is no place like home. This is never more true than when you graduate from college and you can’t find a job OR suddenly lose your job and finances become strapped. Who are you gonna call? Moreover, if you are a Millennial and want to buy your first home, the [...]

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Propositions 90 and 60 – Understand Your Property Taxes

As part of our role as the Voice of Real Estate locally, The Nevada County Association of REALTORS® provides informative information about issues that affect local property sales prices and the overall health of our county’s housing economy. Voters in the State of California approved Proposition 90 in November, 1988. The primary goal of Prop [...]

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Nevada County Real Estate market update

Article in the Union written by Emily Lavin, reporter for the newspaper. It’s the basic economic principle of supply and demand that guides the Nevada County housing market, said Greg Bulanti, the president of the Nevada County Association of Realtors. Right now, “there’s way more demand than there is supply,” Bulanti said. “And what happens [...]

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Opportunities for First-time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers have questions regarding their credit worthiness: “can I overcome little, no or bad credit conditions? How much personal info is required and why must I get pre-approved or pre-qualified for the purchase? How much of a down payment do I need?” The California Association of Realtors has a finance hotline for Realtors [...]

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Nevada County Home sellers – Top five questions

Spring is here...Nevada County needs home for sale. Home Sellers typically start their quest with thinking about relocation. Moving up, downsizing, household formation reboot, job transfers and change of scenery are some of the most common reasons. If this is you, you will probably be asking the following questions: HOW MUCH IS MY HOME WORTH? [...]

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Calling all home sellers – It’s time to spring into action

CALLING ALL HOME SELLERS Get ready for Spring Low inventory, appreciating home values, and low interest rates indicate a good home selling season ahead. From January to February 2016 western Nevada County saw an increase in sold homes (35%) and an increase in pending sales (11%). Home prices increased about 12% in 2015 and many [...]

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Nevada County home sales – January 2016 trends

The demand for housing has fueled very good sales for the month of January and has led to the best start in California Real Estate in the past three years. Sale prices are up everywhere and inventory has increased throughout the state except for the central valley and Nevada County. There is well-founded hope the [...]

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Real Estate is Back, Baby!

As we close out 2015 and look ahead to 2016 we see a healthy, appreciating real estate market. House sales prices have increased about 6% in California and almost 12% in Nevada County. Add to this that existing home sales have increased in 2015 in California by about 7% and in Nevada County by a [...]

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