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Dee Bulanti was born in Grass Valley. Her Mother and her Grandmother were born here too. The Grandparents came from Cornwall, England so her Grandfather could work in the Empire Gold Mine. They lived on Empire Street in Grass Valley before the Golden Center Freeway was built. Greg was born in San Mateo and lived there until he went away to college. He has relatives throughout the peninsula and in San Francisco.

Greg and Dee met at U.C. Berkeley when they were both Administrators on campus. They lived in Mill Valley and would frequently visit relatives and friends in Grass Valley in the 1980’s. They spent their honeymoon in the Bridal Suite at the Holbrooke Hotel in downtown Grass Valley. After working at CAL, Dee joined Frank Howard Allen Real Estate at the Mill Valley office specializing in residential real estate in Marin County and Greg became the Operations Director for Smith and Hawken garden supply company specializing in commercial acquisitions of storefronts throughout the U.S.
They had always had a dream of living off-the-grid in a treehouse in the middle of the forest. Greg had read many issues of Mother Earth News and the Whole Earth Catalog, Dee was the offspring of gold rush pioneers. When they used to go backpacking and snow camping they often thought “We could live here”. In 1990 this dream became a reality when they purchased Oak Ranch five miles outside of Downieville and moved up from Mill Valley.
Oak Ranch was founded in 1849 and is on the topographic map by name. The nearest neighbor is over two miles away. Greg and Dee lived off the grid from 1991 to 2015, producing their own power, growing their own food, raising sled dogs, living a natural life in the middle of the forest and snowmobiling in and out of their house to get to work in the winter. Dee started Sierra County Realty in 1994 in Downieville with her own office and Greg joined the firm and became her business partner in 2000. Together they sold more property than any other real estate agency in Sierra County from 2000 to the present day.
In 2003 they purchased a Victorian house in downtown Grass Valley. They began remodeling it and restoring the old house as time would allow and used it as a vacation retreat from time to time. In 2005 they earned a historical plaque from the City of Grass valley for their restoration efforts and they found out that the house had originally been built in 1881 by a Cornish man from Truro, England…the very same town that Dee’s Grandfather was born. Also interesting is that Dee was born at Jones’ Hospital which is now a bed and breakfast and is located less than a block away from their house.

Greg and Dee Bulanti- Realtors

In 2010 Dee and Greg expanded their business to include listings in Nevada City and Grass Valley. In 2011 they obtained a corporate listing contract for Fannie Mae listings during the peak of REO listings which continued until 2013. In 2012 Dee and Greg moved their main office to downtown Grass Valley so they could walk to work. They continue to do business in their expanded territory and currently serve four counties: Nevada, Sierra, Placer and Yuba.
You will see Greg and Dee dressed up in old fashioned outfits at community activities and events and they dress up for their motto “Call us for Old Fashioned Service”. They offer world class customer service that will pleasantly surprise you and there are no limits to the personal attention you will get. They are adept at communicating using state-of-the-art technology and they will respond to your questions and concerns with lightning fast speed. Whether you are selling a million dollar mansion or buying a small parcel of land, their full-service personal approach makes you feel like you are pampered beyond words. They know how to make a real estate transaction rewarding, interesting and make it a little fun for their clients and customers. Real Estate transactions do not have to be painful and scary for consumers. Greg and Dee and their team of lenders, inspectors, and other professional service providers will stay with you at every point along the way to a successful conclusion, close of escrow and hand off of the keys to your dream home or investment property. More importantly for some, they are with you long after the close of escrow. Their goal is to turn clients into friends. You will really like this part.

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